Big KRIT – King Remembered in Time Mix Tape Review


Big K.R.I.T is in a point in his career where he has been one of the most consistent artists in the hip-hop realm today. When it comes to a quality to quantity ratio, K.R.I.T is above all other competition . Just to put it in to perspective, since 2010 he has released 3 mix tapes :”Krit wuz here”, “4 evaNaDay”, and  “Return of 4 eva”. Last year he released his full studio album “Live From the Underground” and now with the new release of “King Remembered in Time” his mix tape count is now at a total of 4 within the past three years. The pinnacle of his success actually came with the release of “4 evaNaday”. This project was renounced as his best piece of work, being a concept album about each and every waking moment of a day in Krit’s life.  When it comes to his mix tapes, they are actually more like fully fledged albums. With great consistency though, comes familiarity within each of his projects. This isn’t a bad thing, just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary in each of his projects. With that being said, “King Remembered in Time” actually does step out of the boundaries of a normal record he would put out. This record is one of his most ambitiously produced projects to date.


Big Krit has it all.  Lyrics, catchy hooks, and most importantly: the skill to produce his own music. He produces all of his work and has been doing so with all of his projects. As I have mentioned before, there are certain drawbacks to point out. For one, you will find that many of his tracks sound similar to one another.  On the track “Shine On” there is a prominent funky guitar riff that is used in many of his other songs. His production in itself is actually very prominent. An avid listener can most likely point out one of his produced instrumentals within the first 30 seconds of listening to the track with ease. What’s interesting though is that his music can feel very similar to his past work yet still seem fresh and new.

On this project, there is a lot more atmospheric and slow paced songs compared to any of his other works. He has songs like “Meditate”, “Banana Clip Theory”, “REM”, “Serve this Royalty”, “Bigger Picture”, and “Life is a Gamble” that are completely driven by  smooth, jazzy, and soulful production rather than his hard hitting/ trap production some of us are used to.  To shine light on one song in particular, the track “REM” is a production feat. He took James Blake’s “Wilhelms Scream”, chopped and cut it up, added some piano, more bass, and came up with one of his most well produced tracks on this project. Heck, I’d go as far as saying of all his work. In order for some of you to admire what he has done, I highly recommend listening to the previous track mentioned. Then listen to “REM”. You will hear so many different intricacies added that you would have guessed it being on the sample track beforehand. This track is a testament to what he can do with his producing work and it doesn’t end there. Another great produced song is the sensually produced track “Meditate”. The track holds a sweet smooth bass line, subtle guitar riffs, and these weird faint bubble pops within the back ground. This makes up for a real intimate and sensual track that keeps you mesmerized with the personal lyrics being laid out on the track.

“King Remembered in Time”, to me at least, isn’t a record you reach for when you are in the mood for some heavy hitting music. Though there are a handful of tracks that do carry those type of characteristics. One of the first bangers on this project is “Talkin Bout Nothing”. This track starts off with these odd chimes going back and forth, with some massive bass dropping at the chorus of the song. Another track would have to be “My Trunk”. The bass on this song isn’t exactly fitting for the title. I feel that “Talkin Bout Nothing” has more hard hitting bass than this song, but nonetheless it should still be considered an upbeat, hard hitting type of song. This track begins with a guitar solo in the background, which then transitions to a rocking guitar riff that begins at the chorus. The few hard hitting tracks in this project are great but there are most definitely no “Country Sh*t” types of songs on here. What this project does succeed in is setting up a platform for the many lyrical songs littered across this project.


Krit really brings his lyrical chops to the table on this project. He is an amazing and in my opinion an under rated lyricist. He can string together a story masterfully using poetically charged lines to stimulate the listener and have them actually think about what was just said. As I have mentioned before hand, this album primarily focuses on more lyrical and intimate soft tracks compared to his other works. When looking at the project in its entirety, it’s difficult to pinpoint the purpose of this album. At some points the album feels like an ode to Krit’s accomplishments and success, but at other times it also has this self conscious approach to what the fame and fortune brings along with it. The track that best displays these insecurities and is also one of my personal favorite tracks is “REM”. “I don’t know about my dreams/ I don’t’ know about my dreams/ All that I know is/ I’m falling, falling, falling, falling/ Might as well fall in/ I don’t know about my dreams.” The entire track shows his fear of what his “dreams” will behold once fulfilled. The song entails his “Nightmare” with the drop of his full studio album “Live From the Underground”, the back lash from fans and critics, and the uncertainty of what he is doing altogether in life.

Another track looking into worries is “Meditate”. This track goes into the previously explored plight of drowning himself with alcohol and going to the strip clubs to forget about his worries, mistakes, and regrets. Other tracks such as”Banana Clip Theory”, “Life is a Gamble”, and “WTF” touch up on contemporary social problems.  The track “Banana Clip Theory” is a great jazzy influenced track that develops the idea that purchasing a gun for defense can almost always create a situation where the gun will be used unethically. “Life is a Gamble” is a track about exactly that, life is most definitely a gamble and we will never know what to expect when our cards are laid out. Krit goes in on the track “So I breathe, cause Loathing in Las Vegas wasn’t meant for me/Too scared I’ll stay too long and forget where I’m really meant to be/Heaven maybe, heaven lately, but all these lights are captivating.”

With this project excelling in lyrics, it is highly ironic that the one thing that bothers me most is the choruses on some of these tracks. He has been known to have some great catchy choruses, but too often, a lot of his hooks are a bit elementary. Such as the chorus on “WTF” which is :”What the fuck we gonna do now?/What the fuck we gonna do now?/What the fuck we gonna do now?/What the fuck we gonna do now?/What the fuck we gonna do?/ What the fuck we gonna do?” I kid you not, this is the actual chorus of the song. Another one of his masterfully creative choruses resides on the track “My Trunk” which follows: ” My trunk pu**y pop (pop)/Them hoes down to bop (bop).” I know this song especially is supposed to be a banger type of song but nonetheless, the chorus could have been a whole lot stronger. Let me continue on with the idea of this “My Trunk” track. In any given project of his, we can find a track regarding a car without a doubt. To be more specific, the previously mentioned “pu**y poppin” trunk of his car has 3 songs dedicated it. He doesn’t get creative with the titles either, as the names of each track follows: “My Sub”, “My Sub part 2”, and last but not least “My Trunk”. Ahh Krit, such refreshing names for each of these tracks! All jokes aside, the choruses on some tracks should really be worked on and be a bit more creative. Additionally, reoccurring subjects in songs can get redundant after a while so maybe he can hold off on a sequel for “My Trunk” in the meantime.


Big Krit has proved time and time again that he is the pinnacle of an “Underground” hip-hop artist. Any type of artist should model themselves after his work ethic and constant consistency. With “King Remembered in Time”, he aims to step out of the usual boundaries and gives us a welcomed change in pace. Krit can get a bit repetitive and the listener can feel a hard case of déjà vu with some tracks but nonetheless, this project still delivers. This project isn’t perfect but it certainly emulates the effort and hard work that was put in to it.



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