Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire- Kismet

ImageMr. Muthafuckn’ eXquire sure has a knack for his album covers. It was two years ago when he had the “Lost in Translation” album cover, that I have graciously included, and now he decides for this album cover with him holding a naked girl missionary style in what appears to be space? Right… His choice of album covers have been questionable since they really don’t do his projects any justice. On eXquire’s new project, “Kismet”, he offers ,for the most part, a very solid project which shows a surprisingly heartfelt and emotional side of him. As eXquire did on “Lost in Translation”, he goes over production that bodes well with him but also offers a more focused approach to tracks and concepts that were otherwise seldom found on previous projects.


            eXquire is the type of artist that really doesn’t care too much about what people think of him. So much that on his “Lost in Translation” project, he had a track where he actually had a girl give him….for a much proper word, fellatio, near a microphone. He recorded it and actually put it at the end of the track called ” Cockmeat Sandwich/Pissin’ Between Train Cars “. That type of raunchiness was found in abundance in “Lost in Translation” but on “Kismet”, that seems to be brushed aside as he focuses more on well thought out tracks with more tasteful content.

eXquire has the ability to go over production that really suits him well. It is just a matter if he feels like delivering on his verses. Throughout this project, for the most part, he delivers lyrically. Every so often he will drop some ridiculous lines such as on the track “”Illest Niggas Breathin”,  where he creates a word called “strengther” but manages to outweigh those dull moments with highlights of lyrical competence. His lyrical prowess really shows on the track “Noble Drew Ali” where he takes more of a poetical approach with lines such as: “Wisdom from a witch doctor/Whispered in my ear, the ingredients to conquer/Then he shed a tear, burning benzoin resin.” The intro to this tape , “The Cauldron”, also displays his lyrical versatility in delivery. eXquire begins this track with this smooth, laid back flow that compliments the beat quite nicely but then switches up to this off beat flow as he chants “Rumbling in the jungle/While we stumblin’/Wondering, what we done/To become hunted “. To top off the track, he ends it with a spoken word flow that transitions into a real aggressive style. As he does on this track, his versatile delivery is scattered across the tape and successfully creates a mixture of styles throughout.

On top of the versatile delivery, eXquire also brushes over a variety of subjects that range from his drinking problem, to relationships, and also on to introspective topics such as the idea of mental chains that oppress his mind. On the track “I Was Drunk When I Wrote This”, eXquire abrasively sings the chorus “What nigga, what/I don’t give a fuck/Runnin’ ’round the club/Liquor spillin’ out my cup.” In his verses, he describes everything on his mind that bothers him and tells us at the end: “I wrote this song to free my thoughts\Popped the cork and let it pour.” The track has a real nice catchy chorus and an interesting concept. “Cherry Rain Drops” is a two-part love track depicting a relationship he has developed with this unnamed girl that happens to have a boyfriend. The first part of the track describes this girl in a variety of negative ways yet he still develops this deeply rooted love for her. The second part is about eXquire and this girl feeling two different types of feelings. “You’re crying, but you love it though/You’re dying, but I love it though.” He has the feelings of love arise while they are continuing this relationship while she is feeling remorse since she is cheating on her boyfriend. Although the track seems twisted with the subject matter, it actually is a very seductive track with lush instrumentation and authentic lyrics. eXquire also covers racial subjects such as on the track “Chains”. “They brought us over here in fucking chains/You think we had enough of fucking chains/So fuck that\Fuck them chains.”The track carries this nice laid back beat which eXquire flows over it by cleverly describing obstacles in life as “chains”.

Although versatility is a strong point of this tape, it also creates some cohesion issues within the project. Due to large amount of variety on the tape, tracks don’t transition as smoothly. For the most part, the tape feels together but there are some moments where the project feels a bit disjointed such as the placement of tracks such as “Illest Niggaz Breathin”, ” Orbz a.k.a. Some Wise Quote Drake Never Said”, and the questionable inclusion of “Oswald’s Moment”. This may not even be a track placement issue, but a filler issue as some of these tracks should probably not even be on the tape to begin with. Another issue I had with the project was that some of eXquire’s tracks would carry a real serious and emotional tone but then out of nowhere he’ll come out with lines like “My dick floatin’ in the bubble bath/Plottin’ out my future/Reflectin’ on my past.” Although the lines can be humorous, they completely ruin the mood of a track.

Mr.Muthafuckin’ eXquire completely blindsided me with this project. His “Lost in Translation” project had me gagging with some cringe inducing tracks but on this new project, you get a surprisingly tasteful and emotionally driven project. It’s great to see eXquire’s tender side as he authentically confesses his love. It shows a side of him that isn’t raunchy but more sincere and vulnerable. Where “Lost in Translation” was a project made in a darker light, this project was made in a more tender light. He has successfully embodied two different sides of himself in two different projects. Now his goal should be on how to get the correct balance between his two sides to deliver the perfect project he is capable of.



2 thoughts on “Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire- Kismet

  1. I like that you acknowleged eXqo’s capabilities to what he delivers in his projects. I really enjoyed this project, I felt he really reached his potential in it with the poetic lyricism and song subjects.

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