Top Five Albums So Far

ImageIt’s eight months in the year of 2013 and plenty of notable Hip Hop albums have dropped since the beginning of the year. I wanted to round up my top five so far. Usually these type of things are done midyear but I kind of missed that mark. I’ve only included one album that I have not reviewed just yet, as I am still contemplating if I should even review it. So without further ado, here is my top five!

5.) Tyler the Creator- Wolf

      This album managed to squeak into my top five due to the stories Tyler integrates into this albums, production, and the overall cohesiveness. Not to mention the fact that Tyler, who is seen as an immature menace, seemingly has some very smart verses weaved into his music. Tyler for the most of his career has been seen as a joke and I think those assumptions are a complete oversight. Tyler is creating albums that actually feel like a complete project which is rare in this age of the mix tape.

4.) Big K.r.i.t- King Remembered in Time

      In my eyes, K.r.i.t is the definition of consistency. I can always rely on him coming out with a solid project that will always deliver. King Remembered in Time is no different. Although a bit more timid then his previous projects, this album tests his productions chops on a whole other level. There are songs on here that I would have never thought K.r.i.t can produce. Tracks that are so precisely fine tuned that a trap inspired artist can only dream of.  Production on this album doesn’t take on a “banger” style but more of a relaxing style, which I totally embraced and enjoyed. Also, his lyricism is always on point in this project. Whether rapping about banana clips or the joy of meditation, K.r.i.t can always deliver lyrically. Overall, the album managed to be safe yet still border daring with his experimental production.  

3.) R.A The Rugged Man- Legends Never Die

      R.A The Rugged Man is a Rapper that I’ve never heard of till this year. His project that was released this year created quite the commotion with the reviewers at Dead End Hip Hop. So I thought: “Why Not!” Even with not knowing about him before, I think his Album title is completely fitting. This guys is a complete Legend. The album is just a nonstop, track after track thrill ride listening to his flow. Then, you actually begin listening to his lyrics and you become even more immersed! His wordplay is completely outrageous and flow is unrivaled. Even the production, which takes sort of a back seat on this project, is pretty darn solid. Even with all of these positives, I still can’t help but feel that the album feels kind of….. cheesy? Nonetheless, the album is sure fire shot of lyricism and flow which allows it take up my third spot.  

2.) Kanye West- Yeezus

      Yeezy is a God? Not really. The music he makes though, is pretty darn good and pushes the boundaries of Hip Hop. This album was sort of a mixed bag when it came to the masses. It felt like you either loved the album or downright hated it. I personally loved it. The album was fresh, quick, and downright filthy. The production was experimental but done very well.  Lyrics weren’t on par with his other projects he has done but overall fit the type of characteristics this album seeks. The album also reeks of Kanye’s bravado and brash behavior which results in a high octane thrill ride through dunken nights, disgusting sexual encounters, and intense love affairs. Overall, the album has been on repeat with me since release. I don’t know if it is the intense ride or the production that keeps me attached but either way, the album is awesome.

1.) Chance The Rapper- Acid Rap

      For my number one album of the year, the honors has to go to Acid Rap. The project absolutely blew me away with its charm, personality, production, and the overall playful atmosphere of the album. It’s incredible how much this artist grew in the span of one project. His previous project, “10 Day”, had a little bit of everything. It really didn’t show us his style or approach. On “Acid Rap”, his style shined bright. The production was beautifully done and it also perfectly complimented Chance’s voice. His personality oozed out of each and every track with his trademarked “Igh’s” and “Na Na Na’s”. His delivery was incredibly charismatic. There is so much to like about this project in my eyes. Not to mention, there is no other Hip Hop project that remotely sounds close to “Acid Rap.” Chance is pushing the boundaries on his debut and I see him doing it for many years to come.


Honorable Mentions:

Mac Miller- Watching Movies with the Sound Off

Yelawolf- Trunk Music 2

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire- Kismet


This is my top five. I’d like to know what yours are? Leave them in the comments below!



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