About Me

Hello all. My name is Martin, I’m an accounting major college student, and I love music. In my plight to connect myself further more with music, I scoured the internet for insightful reviews that gave me a different angle about the music I so much adore. About a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon an Album video review for Kendrick Lamar’s “Section 80” , an album coming from one of my favorite artists. The video reviewer happened to be the one and only: Anthony Fantano ,from the Needledrop.  What he did in the review was beyond my comprehension. He managed to give me a real in depth review of the album and its story, described the instruments and instrumentals used as if he had a dictionary of instruments within his head, and proceeded to give the album an 8/10 when I thought it deserved 10,000,000/10.  But you know what? I wasn’t upset with the review. I wasn’t mad about the album getting bashed on because of its drawbacks. I was grateful about the album review because the review gave me a fresh new perspective on the album. It shined light on aspects that I would normally brush aside. Ever since then, I have been following the Needledrop and have never looked back.

Another Reviewer is actually a group called: Dead End Hip Hop. I came across them a year ago and have also be enlightened by their reviews. What’s different about their type of reviewing is that Dead End reviews music with in a group of guys that all have different aspects on music. It’s interesting to see all these personas throw in their perspectives on to one Album. The amount of aspects that are hit within the reviews are awesome and really open up the way you see a certain album!

Lastly, how can I ever forget the almighty Pitchfork? Pitchfork is a website that reviews all types of music. Their database of reviews, interviews, music news is vast. It’s so easy to immerse yourself into that website and find hours just completely slip away. Their reviews are short, sweet, and to the point.

All of these reviewers have really impacted me and have helped me set off on my own reviewing journey. I have always thought of reviewing music but thought no one would ever read or listen to what I have to say. None of that matters though. I love listening to music and love the experience that comes along with reviewing an album. This is a satisfying experience and because of that I will continue to put out as much reviews as my work and school schedule permits.  I will let you guys know, that some times when school and work get too tough I will tend to lag with a review but it’s understandable right? Well, thanks guys. By the way, this my good friends is: Mediocrity at It’s Finest.

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